Shabbat Can Do That…       Taking the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday night and is ushered in by lighting candles and reciting a blessing before the meal begins. The Friday evening dinner traditionally begins with kiddush (a blessing over wine or grape juice) and a blessing recited over two loaves of challah (braided bread) followed by a festive meal. Singing is a tradition at Shabbat meals which adds to the festive tone and celebratory nature of the meal.

Shabbat morning special services will vary across participating congregations and will be followed by congregational Kiddush (blessing over wine or grape juice) and in selected venues around the community where there will be study opportunities, guest lectures and organized events throughout the afternoon.

Every Jew, across all denominations, backgrounds and levels of Jewish education, is encouraged to participate in the Shabbat activities that most connect with them and would enhance their connection to this special day.

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Some suggested Shabbat activities:

Reading, studying, and discussing Torah and its commentaries
Synagogue attendance for prayers
Spending time socializing with family, friends and guests
Enjoying the hospitality of Shabbat meals
Taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood with a friend
Singing Shabbat songs
Reading Psalms (Tehillim)
Sleeping or resting

To do or not to do? A lot happens between sunset on Friday and nightfall on Saturday. These helpful tools will make keeping Shabbat with the rest of world a lot easier.

To download the Shabbat map click here

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