Shabbat Challenge

Pause.  Take a breathe. Let Shabbat do its magic.  

Shabbat belongs to every Jew and it’s the most significant holiday of the Jewish calendar that we get to celebrate it every week!

Shabbat can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  A Friday night dinner hosted with friends becomes a special experience when you add candles, challah and wine.

 On November 11-12th, The Baltimore Shabbat Project challenges you, your family and friends to slow down, connect and celebrate Shabbat together. 

Here are 5 ways that Shabbat challenges us to slow down and just BE:

  • Shabbat@OurPlace:  All you need is a few friends, a rotisserie chicken and #CandlesChallahWine    #Shabbat@OurPlace   #Shabbat@YourPlace
  • CommunityShabbat:  Join one of the hundreds of Shabbat Programs going on right here in Baltimore.  #CommunityShabbat
  • StayCloseStayShabbat:  Instead of worrying about the future, hang out right where you already are    #StayCloseStayShabbat
  • ShabbatUnplugged:  Unplug from your devices, and plug into real life.  L’Chayim.      #ShabbatUnplugged
  • ShabbatStaycation:  Pull an all nighter, 25 hour eat/drink/pray/fun time with your favorite people.  #ShabbatStaycation

Share what you do on with a post, video or comment and be a part of the Baltimore Shabbat Challenge!


To do or not to do? A lot happens between sunset on Friday and nightfall on Saturday. These helpful tools will make keeping Shabbat with the rest of world a lot easier.

To download the Shabbat map click here

To download the Shabbat guide click here